Designing new LAMP assays for fungi detection and quantification

Fungus is one of the most pathogen who cause disease in most of economic crops worldwide. Currently, PCR-based methods are used to diagnostics these micro-organisms beside culturing and primary methods too. Many primers have been designed for detection different groups of these pathogens based on PCR, LAMP assays, T-RFLP and real-time PCR. In this project we aim to maintain different groups of fungus in both Arabidopsis and periwinkle plants (Model plants) and continue to design more primers for all of them. Different techniques can be used to detect and quantify these pathogens. Also, inserting different genes into diseased plants or find any gene who can work against selected fungus and decrease existence of these pathogens inside affected plants. Mainly presence of these pathogens in plants causes weakness of the plants, control and keep plants from theses microorganisms is almost impossible and very difficult. Following specific gene against them within Arabidopsis plants, it can be transferred into periwinkle plants and checked if the selected gene whether working or not within periwinkle plants too. More diagnostic methods can be applied to detect fungus more accurately in diseased plants. Also, apply different techniques and chemicals to control and minimize fungi existence within infected plants.