Teaching and Learning in Upper-level Plant Physiology and Development laboratory courses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Teaching and learning experiences in two upper-level plant physiology and development, research-intensive undergraduate laboratory courses in 2020-2022 during the COVID-19 pandemic were assessed. These courses provide an enriched educational experience to approximately 150 undergraduate biology students. A number of web-based tools and videos were developed for the online delivery of the laboratory experiments and research projects. In addition, several inquiry-driven, student-centered, open-ended research projects were developed. Students worked in groups to develop their research proposal and design their research projects in the areas of plant physiology, ecophysiology, and plant development. Students were provided the research project results generated in the laboratory by the teaching assistants. Students presented their research findings online in the form of short ?Three-Minute Thesis (3MT)? oral presentations using the Canvas course website. Students also presented their research results in the form of two research journal-style written reports. Teaching and learning experiences in these courses delivered in online, in-lab, and hybrid modes will be discussed.


Santokh Singh

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